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Jade from Canada, Russia, China and Burma for beads, pendants, nuggets, body jewelry and ornaments at wholesale prices- hand crafted

Jade – a gemstone of unique symbolic energy in the myths that surround it. With its beauty and wide-ranging expressiveness, jade has held a special attraction for mankind for thousands of years. In stone body jewelry jade spirals, plugs, pinchers and tunnels are very popular.

Jade is actually two different rocks that are made up of different silicate minerals. Nephrite jade consists of the calcium- and magnesium-rich amphibole mineral actinolite. The rock called jadeitite consists almost entirely of jadeite, a sodium- and aluminium-rich pyroxene. We carry both jades:- nephrite and jadeite in beads, pendants and body jewelry at wholesale prices

What distinguishes good jade?

For collectors, as well as jewelry lovers and designers, jade is a fascinating gemstone. In Asia, above all, it is collected as an antique. Besides the quality of the gem and its processing, religion and faith also play an important role. In the West, many people prefer to collect jade in the form of snuff-boxes, cigarette holders, small bowls or rings. Since each collector has his or her own taste and his or her own likings with regard to color, style and shape, it is no easy matter giving definite advice on the purchase of jade objects.

Nephrite and jadeite were used by people from the prehistoric times for similar purposes. Both are about the same hardness as quartz, and they are exceptionally tough. They are beautifully colored and can be delicately shaped. Thus it was not until the 19th century that a French mineralogist determined that "jade" was in fact two different materials.

Jade rough and new beads- we are currently in the process of cutting 30 tons of Canadian green jades, from British Columbia, in China and Bali. Look forward to our new jade section with beads, pendants and body jewery such as spirals, plugs and tunnels.. Private labels from www.pangaeabodyart.com and www.tikitribes.com