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Unakite Beads

Unakite is often referred to as epidotized granite and is a mixture of pink feldspar, green epidote, and quartz. Being a balancing stone, unakite is said to help unify the emotional, spiritual, mental and spiritual aspects of self. It can also help us to live in the present instead of dwelling in the past. Its soothing energies also are thought to help insure a healthy reproductive system, especially in women.

Unakite is ideally used in for making beads, cabochons, body jewelry and paperweights. Unakite is mainly found in the regions of South Africa, Brazil, and China.

Unakite Stone Beads
Unakite beads are absolutely authentic, natural and untreated. These beads are hard gemstones, and therefore, these beads can be easily used with cotton thread, soft-flex, silk or wire. These stone beads are natural beads and the patterns and colors of these beads largely vary. Due to their hardness (durability) and attractive colors, these beads are getting rapid popularity. In combination with other precious stone beads, like jade, pearls, rose quartz etc. the unakine beads create wonderful figures. For making and curving jewelries, these beads are wonderful. The main advantages with these beads are these are economical, having lucrative colors, have very good shine and relatively hard. All these advantages have been turned these beads as essential for making jewelries. In unakine beads, we can observe the beautiful hue of either mossy green color, pink color or orange color. According to the traditional believes, it is considered that these beads are useful in uplifting the spirits of human beings, when they feel that their spirits are down. In uncovering deception, these beads are also useful. The zodiac sign of these beads is Scorpio. The two major countries where these beads are found are U.S.A and Africa. In stone body jewelry unakite spirals, plugs, pinchers and tunnels are very popular and are offered at wholesale prices.

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