Wholesale aquamarine beads, body jewelry, gold fill chain and pendants from Bali, India and China at wholesale prices

Aquamarine Beads

Aquamarine is a gemstone-quality transparent variety of beryl, having a delicate blue or turquoise color, suggestive of the tint of seawater. Aquamarine is a transparent pale blue to light greenish blue variety of beryl used as a gemstone for beads, body jewelry and pendants at wholesale prices. A truly fascinating stone, Aquamarine is the source of inspiration for the artists for innovative cuts than from other stones. The distinct and appealing color arises emotions of sympathy, trust, harmony or friendship. As per the legend, the origin of Aquamarine is believed to be in the treasure chest of the legendary mermaids and is renowned to be a lucky stone for sailors. Its name has been derived from the Latin terms "aqua" meaning water, and "mare" or sea.

Related to emerald, aquamarine belongs to the gemstone family of beryls with the color being more evenly distributed in aquamarine than in emerald. Aquamarine is usually free of inclusions and possesses a superior brilliance. The more intense the color of an aquamarine, the higher its value. The variety of shades of aquamarine are known by their unique names: "Santa Maria" is the name for the rare Aquamarine found in the Santa Maria de Itabira mine in Brazil. Some other are denoted as "Santa Maria Africana" found in Aquamarine gemstone mines Mozambique, in Africa. Those from Brazil are given the name "Espirito Santo" from the state of Espirito Santo. Aquamarines are also found in Nigeria, Madagascar, Mozambique, Afghanistan and Pakistan. With the divine and eternal color of the skies, the clear and transparent gemstone is often used for modern jewelry design with stylish and elegant cuts that makes it truly appealing and beautiful.

Aquamarine beads contain an array of different blue colors ranging from sea green to sky blue. These beads are dichoric and sometimes, these beads even may appear either colorless form or in blue. What will be the color will depend upon the viewing angle of the spectators. These beads are mostly available in crystalline structured form. The hexagonal composition of the beads consists of beryllium aluminum silicate having high harness. The principle supply of aquamarine gemstones comes from Brazil, Russia, Afghanistan, India and Pakistan. During the ancient period, it was believed that , those who wear aquamarine bead, would have enjoyed happiness in his/her marriage life. It was also considered as the lucky charm of the sailors. One of the prominent aquamarine beads is "Blue Aquamarine Gemstone Beads".

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